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Please help - im in limbo land!

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littlemissmischief Mon 13-Oct-08 08:12:22

Have just posted this on conception but thought you ladies might be able to help too -

Ok - so the story so far, I usually have a cycle of 41-42 ays and have only had one of 56 and am now on CD51 so quite sure im late. Boobs are huge and sore and really veiny just like when I was pg with DS.

Did a sainsburys test this morning and got a really faint line, so faint you had to hold it a certain way but you could defo see it (so did dp) so decided to do my CB freebee but it came up 'not pregnant'.
What would you think and what would you do now? Normally would just wait till tom and try again but going away with family today who dont know anything about it and all living in one accomdation?? hmm

Any help advice welcome x

2Helenback Mon 13-Oct-08 10:03:10

I'd do a digital. I have had faint lines which turned out to be a pregnancy in one case and wishful thinking in anoher!Hide the test in your washbag and POAS first thing!

Good luck.

titmouse Mon 13-Oct-08 12:19:53

I did two when I found out, one like yours was so faint I wan't sure if it was actually a line or just me being hopeful, the other was a negative, but 5 days later I got a positive. How long are you going away for? I too had to go away the morning after my two tests, with a group from work, so no chance to slip away to get a digi test and having to wait 5 days was agonising!!

Good luck I hope you see the line you want xx

CS7 Mon 13-Oct-08 13:56:59

I first got an extremely faint line with the first test (bought a First response duo pack)- so faint that like you, I had to tilt it against the light a certain way to see. 5 days later, I got the BFP with the second test.
Good luck! They say, a line is a line is a line is aline... smile

2Helenback Mon 13-Oct-08 15:07:37

There's a website somewhere explaining why you get these faint lines that can give false positives. It reckons after a very short period that the blue line tests are inaccurate as they contaminate themselves or something. The site reckoned digital was best as never gave false pos.

I have done secret (negative) tests at work quite often by takig a paper cup and the test into the loo in my giant mum sized handbag. A plastic nappy bag allows you to keep the evidence in your bag until you can bin it in private. if anyone wants to know what's taking you so long tell them it's a poo and they'll soon back off!

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