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Embarassing question please

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lecohen Sun 12-Oct-08 15:08:11

Hello fellow mums / mums to be.

OK, can anyone help, so embarassing but gotta ask...

I am 32 weeks preg and for the last few days I have been really sore below BUT not from being cheeky or anything. Feels really inflamed and uncomfortable to the touch (particularly the "C" area... no discomfort on weeing.

I remember having similar discomfort with prev preg and telling a nasty midwife but she made me feel worse...she grudgingly offered me to show her (like that's not humiliating enough) and then said she didn't know why.

Any help or advice gladly appreciated.

lulumama Sun 12-Oct-08 15:12:33

have you had a look at your foofoo? or ask your DH to have a look

you might have a vulval varicose vein, which is a bit unpleasant but will disappear after delivery

but the whole area does get a bit swollen due to extra blood flow and fluid partic. in later pregnancy

make sure you wear cotton knickers and use a sanitary pad if you need to to sort of support the area, IFYSWIM

lecohen Sun 12-Oct-08 15:19:15

hiya, hmmmm, yes, I had a look and it was very red blush. What should I do? Could it be thrush as is a little irritating on the outside...I have some canesten cream, will it help? If yes, do I use the blue one or red one?

whomovedmychocolate Sun 12-Oct-08 15:26:13

Sadly in the last trimester the swollen frou frou is only one of the many indignities you will suffer - mine looked like it'd come off worse in a fist fight hmm (bad analogy sorry).

Resting with your feet up can help but it is too do with extra blood flow to the area, compressed veins in the area from the extra weight of the baby and sod's law meaning that when you finally get used to feeling like a blubber whale you also get a funny walk as a special free bonus hmm grin

It does go pretty soon after delivery though.

lulumama Sun 12-Oct-08 15:30:48

not sure re thrush ! ask pharmacist for advice. you won;t have to show them your bits !

lecohen Sun 12-Oct-08 15:30:57

Thanks very much for your response my dh (dumb husband) is not being very sympathetic, keeps telling me to get up and do things...he needs me to help him put some chips in the oven.

Next question: Why are men so useless?

lulumama Sun 12-Oct-08 15:31:27

pretend you are asleep!

lecohen Sun 12-Oct-08 15:32:26

lol, he has no probs waking me up

whomovedmychocolate Sun 12-Oct-08 15:39:28

lecohen - because women bring them up to be so....learn from his mother's mistakes if you are having a boy! grin

lecohen Sun 12-Oct-08 15:43:23

ha ha, thank you

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