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Am I mad? Having no.2 less than 14 months after no.1...

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joster Thu 03-Mar-05 19:30:22

Wasn't quite supposed to happen this way, but just found out due early November, first little one not 6 months old yet. What have we let ourselves in for?!

purpleturtle Thu 03-Mar-05 19:32:11

Hard hard work. But in 6 years time when they're both at school, it'll be worth it.

throckenholt Thu 03-Mar-05 19:33:08

there are 14 months between me and my brother, and 18 months between my twins and their brother - both are survivable . I think the first year is th e worst - after that they are increasingly at simialr stages and doing similar things. My twins are 2 and DS1 is 3.5 - they now play together well most of the time.

LGJ Thu 03-Mar-05 19:35:18


15 months between my sister and I and we are very close.

Nemo1977 Thu 03-Mar-05 19:36:27

i think u will cope no matter what and as time goes on and the kids get older then it will be easier. Good luck

lockets Thu 03-Mar-05 19:39:41

Message withdrawn

highlander Thu 03-Mar-05 23:14:09

wasn't this age gap very common back in the 60's and 70's? See, retro is in!

moondog Thu 03-Mar-05 23:17:36

Throckenholt!!! Respect to you!!

handlemecarefully Thu 03-Mar-05 23:28:40

Well I can recommend a good antidepressant....

Sorry - not meant to sound churlish. Congratulations on your pregnancy!

You may as well prepare yourself for the fact that it will be damned hard work (no point living in a fools paradise), but it will all come out in the wash and be worth it in the end...

milward Thu 03-Mar-05 23:32:27

All the best - It's hard work but worth it

throckenholt Fri 04-Mar-05 09:18:56

moondog - the 18 month gap was planned but the twins weren't ! Hard work but a real priviledge .

Honestly I like the small gap but won't deny the first year was hard.

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