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doc really scared me at my ante-natal appt yesterday ....

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gem1981 Thu 09-Oct-08 16:10:31

went to see the doc for an ante - natal yesterday, as he likes to see everyone at least once during their pregnancy.

anyway he was taking the babe's heart rate and starting frowning double checking etc.

he then told me i had to go down to hospital for CTG as he thought the heartbeat was dipping and this could be a marker for foetal ditress.

scared the living daylights out of me + told me to 'hot foot it' to hospital

so DH and I raced to hospital to get on the trace machine.

heart rate was between 130-150 for 30 minutes and showed no sign of dipping at all. the MW said the trace was beautiful and not to worry. She then went on to say that the doc was picking up my pulse as my pulse was 100 and that is what the doc said the rate was dipping to.

but i can't shake the worry.... babe is moving lots still though.
38 weeks today

ChocOrange05 Thu 09-Oct-08 16:22:26

Gem - I would trust the advice of a MW over a GP as GP's are not experienced in pregnancy, which is probably why he sent you to the hospital to see a MW. If you are still worried then go back to the hospital and I am sure they will help put your mind at ease. (Also my MW told me that a faster heartbeat was a sign of distress but didn't mention anything about a slower one?)

Good luck!

gem1981 Thu 09-Oct-08 16:29:58

i do trust the MW and was also at the hospital on sat (for another reason) they did a trace then and all was fine.

doc was trying to find the heart beat in a very strange place as well i thought

curlywurlycremeegg Thu 09-Oct-08 16:48:32

I would be very unhappy with a GP re this incident, is he up to date with "midwifery care" I very much doubt it. This is how things get missed and mistakes occur, I really find it clinically negligent that a GP undertakes an ante natal appointment just because they "like to see everyone once in their pregnancy" if their training is not up to date.

gem1981 Thu 09-Oct-08 16:56:26

too be honest i do feel quite cross with him - he gave me the impression that he often sends ladies down to get double checked after they see him as he told me i was taking it very well and commented that mums usually burst into tears.

don't get me wrong i am all for for being on the safe side of things but i think he just wasn't sure - he is usually a great doctor but i think when they aren't dealing with stuff like this every day it causes doubt in their mind maybe.

i am jsut happy that it all got sorted quite quick and i wasn't worrying for longer

the ironic thing is my usual MW is lovely and i could hear her taking clinic in the next room..... was tempted to knock on her door to get her to double check.

Upwind Thu 09-Oct-08 16:57:11

I went to see my GP for an antenatal today and the foetal heart rate was fluctuating - my GP said that is what they like to see. It means the baby is moving about nicely. If it was static that would be cause for concern.

curlywurlycremeegg Thu 09-Oct-08 17:03:48

Oh yes it sould "move about", a reactive heartbeat is important for it to be between 120-150bpm, but not at a static rate. It sounds like the GP thought the fetal heart rate was 100bpm though as he had picked up the maternal pulse, which it is why it is important to check a maternal pulse rate when checking a fetal one.

friendlyedjit Thu 09-Oct-08 17:26:07

There is nothing negligent about a GP who refers for a more experienced assessment/asks for help. It would be negligent indeed if they didn't. I'm sure it creates less work to ignore findings.He probably had to get on the phone ,try and get through to hospital and arrange for OP to be seen.
He may have training needs but hasn't been negligent, although find it difficult to believe he is inexperienced in ante natal care if he sees everyone during their pregnancy.
oh and best of luck gem1981, almost there.

curlywurlycremeegg Thu 09-Oct-08 17:41:24

I am just musing here as I obviously do not know this GP's circumstances, however if they trained in 1970 and haven't had any obstetric updates since then then they really shouldn't be taking on this role. Obviously I can't comment on this case as I have no idea on this, however if he found what he thought was an irregular fetal heartbeat and didn't check the maternal pulse and worried a patient then there is something wrong. I do have a huge bee in my bonet about this as although I am sure the GP loves to see the pregnant women in their surgery, it must be a huge relief from what the have normal to dael with, pregnancy is a speciality, and without up to date, regular training, they really shouldn't be undertaking this task. Research changes so quickly that it would be so hard for a GP to keep upp to date with everything that is happening under every speciallity. I became a midwife after my first pregnancy, my GP's surgery did not have a midwife (it was within a large homosexual community and I was the first pregnant woman on their books in five years!). My Gp's, although lovely, missed a very dangerous complication in my pregnancy through their lack of experience, leading to major cardic surgery after my son was born.

frasersmummy Thu 09-Oct-08 17:42:11

Choco A slow feotal hearbeat (or one that is slowing from time to time) is definitely something to be concerned about...

gem.. sorry you had a nasty scare but glad you got re-assurance quickly... if you have any concerns about movement then please dont hesitate to take yourself back to the hospital.. midwives would rather you over-reacted than under at this stage

good luck

gem1981 Thu 09-Oct-08 20:33:08

my maternal pulse was only checked once i got to hospital.

TBH I did not come on here to slate my GP but to really get off my chest what happened yesterday

... baby is still really active and I was reassured when i left hospital after they put me on the trace - obviously i would rather him have spoken up than just let me go on my way.

I just can't help thinking though - what if..

what if the doc did pick up an irregularity and it just happened to not show itself at hospital.

the MWs where sure everything was fine and were quite hmm at me having been sent to see them - which is why I was originally cross at GP for making me worry.

i am waffling now!!!!

frasersmummy Thu 09-Oct-08 21:01:18

GEM I can totally relate to you worrying that your gp had picked up something the hospital didnt ...

but not to be-little your gp in anyway -a 30 mins trace is more reliable than the short time your gp would have listened.

I will say this though the hb trace is only valid at the time its done iyswim

I am sure your baby will be fine but listen to your instincts.. if you want re-assurance please ask for it.

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