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Combined screening for down's - what are the normal limits?

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SalBySea Thu 09-Oct-08 15:31:29

Got my combined screening result in the post today - Low risk
However it says 1:21314 - I've never heard of a result in the 10s of thousands before? the lowest one I've ever heard of was something like 1:2500 - d'ya think it was a type error or something? I'm 28, BMI 24.6, nuchal translucency 1.3mm - surely that's a result of more like 1:2000 (which is great either way, just wondering?)

I'm a bit p*** that it says I smoke 1/day and drink 1/day I know that the computer only lets them input amts per day and not per week/month but I didnt even smoke and drink that much when I wasnt pregnant and I havent smoked at all whilst pregnant (and only about 2 a month before) and I had ONE bloomin drink on my wedding day and nothing since. I barely drink when not pregnant and NEVER 1/day - more like 1/month!!

CS7 Thu 09-Oct-08 15:43:01

Hi, Its possible.
My nuchal screening risk came back as 1:13,000.

Don't worry about what they wrote down, you know in your heart that you haven't done any of those things and it will also say so in your notes. Just celebrate your very low risk smile

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