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Easy guide to homeopathy in labour?

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SugarGlider Wed 08-Oct-08 09:17:37

I have been given a homeopathy kit (Ainsworths, designed from pregnancy to seven years), which is fab as I would like to use arnica... after looking around on Mumsnet, I am thinking that I will use it (it's 200c) for five days before due date and for a couple of weeks after, unless I feel I don't need it sooner that that?

Does that sound reasonable?

But also, the kit comes with a 100 page book, in seven point, detailing how other remedies might be used. The thought of squinting at it in labour - or trying to convince DH to - puts me right off...

Does anyone know of an easy guide to what might to be good in labour, so that I can take a few of the remedies along with me(rather than the kit of 30-odd), in case they help?

OneLieIn Wed 08-Oct-08 18:34:11

Sorry I don't know. But you could look on Nelsons or similar website. Arnica is brilliant post birth, but depending on the birth you have there are otters that are also good.

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