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foetal movements

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littlealbs Tue 07-Oct-08 16:50:30


I'm currently 35 weeks pregnant and new to mumsnet. My little one has been really active until yesterday. It was still fairly active yesterday but not as much as recently, today its has been very quiet, i think i have still felt spells of a few wriggles and odd kick but its so scary cause all of a sudden its so quiet, think i have counted 10 moves not sure and the movements feel more internal today (as if there towards my back) Should i be worried and how long should i leave it before i do worry or could it be baby is just facing my back so feel less movements??

Tinkerisdead Tue 07-Oct-08 16:55:39

Im 35 weeks on friday and i had this until yesterday, baby was facing my back. now its turned and im being pummelled and im having to lean over birth ball to encourage it back. My midiwfe assured me that movements are fine rather than kicks. as (until yesterday) mines limbs were at the back, i didnt get kicks but sliding sensations as shoulders moved etc or legs. so long as you have regular movements rather than defined kicks. I was finding a bum would gradually push outwards at the side and disappear slowly.

if you ware worried drink a cold drink or better a slush puppy! that always gets mine breakdancing away regardless of which was its facing. congrats by the way and welcome to mumsnet. loads of people under antenatal due in Nov if you search for the thread.

littlealbs Tue 07-Oct-08 17:18:20

hi, thanks so much for your reply, just tried drinking a bit of 7 up and my tummy moved from side to side :-). thats exactly what i have been getting as well sliding sensations. i'll keep an eye on it over today and tom and contact midwife if not. Im usually a worrier so trying to keep my worries in perspective but then you start thinking - what if im not worrying enough- what an emotional rollercoaster - wouldnt have it any other way thou :-). thanks again

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