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funny turn with hallucinations!

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Tinkerisdead Tue 07-Oct-08 16:37:16

So yesterday I was talking to Dh and said "oh look at that, how weird" and waved what i thought were my 8 arms in his face!!!!shock
i then went on to have loads of migaine auror symptoms, lost feeling, numbness, slurred speech and flashing lights/visual disturbances. i couldnt string a sentence properly and when asked about my visual disturbance i told the dh I had bunting!!

Quite rightly he bundled me straight in the car and sped me to hospital. Had loads of tests for pre-eclampsia etc and midwife shot round here this morning but im totally fine! baby is fine Im fine. so what the hell was it? Doctor thought that it could be a migraine without headache but the same doctor placed a stethoscope on my baby's head in the pelvis and said he couldnt detect a heart beat!!

anyone else heard of this freakiness? afterwards it was like coming round from a general anesthetic!

MadameCastafiore Tue 07-Oct-08 16:40:09

It is a migraine - I was admitted with a suspected stroke whilst pregnant with DS as I had all the same symptoms as you - was awful - had to have CT after too just to make sure.

I have had a small stroke which they thought was a migraine but they cannot tell me when - scarey eh!

The freakiness afterwards is a migraine hangover - can take days to recover!

Tinkerisdead Tue 07-Oct-08 16:47:06

ohhh thank you. ive had migraine before with odd visual disturbance but nothing like that! Apparently i told DH "Thats it, im nothing but a head now, nothing but a head!"

I find is comical now but at the time it was very scary!!! Not as scary as a stroke being put down to migraine though, poor you!

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