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rrrayray Tue 07-Oct-08 10:14:33

I'm a first timer, due in jan, and i wanted to get a gliding nursing chair for the nursery. Everywhere i've looked, your talking AT LEAST £250 for one..... Then i found one on in Oak like our nursery furniture, and at a fraction of the Cost £84.99

Am i being paranoid, or does it sound a little good to be true? hmm

Does anyone have this chair?

Has anyone used

sparkle12mar08 Tue 07-Oct-08 11:10:12

I reckon it'll be fine. We had a £150ish Cossatto one which has been great. It'll be oak stain/finish, not real oak, and the quality of the fabric and padding is unlikely to be as good as the Dutaliers for example, and the build quality might not be Ferrari-style, but then there's few of us that want to pay the £500 for a Dutalier smile. Plus ours has a throw on it anyway - much easier to wash the baby sick out of!

I would def think about getting the brake option too, there's times when it's very handy.

So go for it I'd say!

browny Tue 07-Oct-08 11:17:49

RR, I bought the gliding chair from that website a few weeks ago. You definately get what you pay for, it's o.k. but I had a few problems, well quite a few to be honest, the company was very good at sorting them out though.

The problems I had were:

black circular marks on cushions
(company knew that there were two holes in the plastic sheeting that covered the cushions, so replaced the cushions).

The spindles for the stool hadn't been finished properly, (not routed) so they didn't fit into the holes as required, the company sent new ones but they were the same, so my brother sanded them to fit for me.

I put it together myself so it wasn't too complicated, but as I said you get what you pay for and the chair looks lovely now and is very comfortable. I wouldn't bother with the brake to be honest, it's very easy to get up out of. HTH

browny Tue 07-Oct-08 11:19:48

Oh, before you ring with any problems that may arise, make sure you have ALL THE BITS AND PIECES, check first on your instructions. I had to ring the company a few times because I wasn't sent the arm supports and nuts and bolts and runners for the reclining option.

sparkle12mar08 Tue 07-Oct-08 12:26:55

Hmm, having read browny's experiences I'm having second thoughts about the company. Are there any on this page that would be suitable? There's 3 under £100 and another half dozen under £200.

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