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Is anybody else out there having triplets? :)

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BarbarellaNz Mon 06-Oct-08 13:26:02

Am starting to feel a bit more confident after 12-week scan last week. I am having IVF triplets (two embryos put back, but one kept dividing into a set of identical twins). We are so happy but nervous as 1 in 4 chance of one twin 'stealing' the other's food and causing early labour etc. Other triplet is a singleton in its own sac. Have scans every two weeks now (which is reassuring) but still feel anxious as miscarried last IVF pregnancy. Doctor says we will aim for 34 weeks which would mean they'd be born the beginning of March. Is anyone else in the same/similar position?
We are hoping for the best!!
Love, Barbarella XXXX

throckenholt Mon 06-Oct-08 13:43:23

have a wander over to the multiple births bit - some triplet mums and lots of ones with id twins.

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