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Presents from newborn for siblings and vice versa

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MrsMattie Sun 05-Oct-08 22:23:04

A few friends who've had babies recently have bought a little gift from the older sibling for the newborn and vice versa. I'd like to do this with my little boy (3.7 yrs old) and new baby (due next month). Any ideas as to what to get them both?

dizzywitches Sun 05-Oct-08 22:24:32

let ds pick a teddy to bring in for baby and get a 'big brother' t-shirt for him from baby

or a bag of pens/colouring book that you have AT the hospital for when he visits so he has something to do when he's there grin

ajm200 Mon 06-Oct-08 08:01:23

We let DS (2) pick out a small teddy then had to bribe him with a matchbox car to give it up as he liked it so much

Baby is bringing him one of those big road floor mats when he gets home and a car to use on it if he visits in hospital.

He's recovering from chicken pox so probably will meet baby at home as there's a chance baby will be here tomorrow if my ECV fails or later this week.

dinkystinky Mon 06-Oct-08 09:08:15

We're getting our DS a cooker from the baby (he will be nearly 3) as we'll be staying in lots when his little brother arrives and is good to have something new to entertain himself with (and he loves those)....

Pontypine Mon 06-Oct-08 09:47:56

How about a DVD from new baby to DS?

My son was 3 when i had my daughter and he bought her a teddy and she bought him a power ranger.

MY 3rd DC will be here soon and my DD (nearly 5) has bought him a penguin teddy she chose on a trip to the sealife centre in July, DS (nearly 8) isn't bothered about giving anything to the baby but has said he will share his footballs with him! bless!

I have bought my DD a "big sister" t shirt and i will get DS some football stickers or something.

With smaller children it's always nice to get presents. When DD was born, everyone who came to visit gave DS a present too.

On another note, it might be nice to also get all friends and relatives to acknowledge and speak to DS FIRST when they come to visit baby as baby won't have any idea if s/he is ignored but it may make DS feel a bit pushed out if he is. I actually insisted on people speaking to DS first when they visited

MrsMattie Tue 07-Oct-08 08:59:57

Thanks for ideas, all. I like the idea of a gift for my DS that will occupy him in the hospital!

chata01 Wed 29-Oct-08 21:06:03

what about a bag of sweeties lol!!!

melmamof3 Wed 29-Oct-08 21:13:36

I knes I'd be in a few days after having ds2 as had a section, so I bought some kids magazines that my ds1 would like, and every time he visited (over 3 days) he got one, which kept him occupied while dh visited with him.

Bit stuck as to what to get ds1 an 2 this time around,as ds2 has autism, so wont be allowed to stop long if at all.

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