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Right, come many months am i?!

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babylove123 Sun 05-Oct-08 21:48:40


I need some help as a first time mum, i have asked various people and get different replies and i would feel rather stupid phoning my midwife up to ask this Q but its another 1.5 weeks till i see her and i cant wait that long!

Im 33 weeks pregnant - how many months does that make me?!

Are you 9 months at 36 weeks which means you are due to give birth at the end of the 9th month or are you 8 months at 35 weeks which means you are due to give birth at the start of month 9?!

make sense?!!


Sounds daft i know but i keep wondering what i am meant to say when people ask "how far along are you?!"


IdrisTheDragon Sun 05-Oct-08 21:50:00

I always took 9 months as being my due date and counted back from there.

Or I'd say how many weeks pregnant I was.

Sidge Sun 05-Oct-08 21:56:48

You can't equate weeks to months in pregnancy - you are pregnant for 40 weeks (well you're not, but as they date it from your period they call it 40 weeks) and there aren't 4 weeks in a month.

So you can either work back from when you're due (ie tell people you've got nearly 2 months to go) or tell them approximately how many months (eg 33 weeks is approx 7.5 months, as you still have about 7 weeks or so to go) you are.

babylove123 Fri 10-Oct-08 12:16:07

Thanks for the replies. I know you cant techincally equate weeks to months etc but it was just to give me an idea!

Am 34 weeks today so we'll call it 7.75, makes me feel better, lol.

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