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Twiga Wed 02-Mar-05 13:29:56

Am I right in thinking that this is one of the foods I should be avoiding in pg? Thing is have gone off food in a big way and one of the few things I fancy just now is peanut and jam sandwiches. Am I ok to keep eating these? Sorry if this is a daft question!

Tommy Wed 02-Mar-05 13:33:17

I was told in my first pregnancy to avoid them (this was after all I had eaten for the first 6 weeks was peanut butter sandwiches!)but by the time I was pg with number 2 (18m later) I was told i should avoid them if my DH or I had any serious allergy problems - excema or asthma. We don't so I carried on eating peanut butter. Pregnant again now but having just done WW after DS2, I really don't want to get back on to them again!
I'm sure there's some "official" advice somehwere!

bonym Wed 02-Mar-05 13:35:44

It is recommended that you avoid peanuts as they could trigger an allergy in your baby. However, I believe that the latest recommendations are that it is only necessary to avoid them if there is a history of allergies in your immediate family (any allergies - not just food related). I haven't been eating them during my pregnancy just to be on the safe side (apart from early on when I bought a packet of chocolate ones and got half way through before I remembered I shouldn't be having them!

biglips Wed 02-Mar-05 13:39:14

Not sure about peanuts spread but at the beginning of pg its a no no as may set off an peanut allergy for baba, but ive only had a handful of peanuts throughout my pg but then when i was 7 months onwards..

but i may be wrong on peanuts spread - i wonder myself

lockets Wed 02-Mar-05 13:40:20

Message withdrawn

Twiga Wed 02-Mar-05 16:25:26

No history of allergy in family, so assume is ok?! Thanks for your replies.

LittleB Thu 03-Mar-05 12:21:24

I couldn't eat peanuts because of dp's hayfever, but i've been eating cashewnut butter instead. Its a good alternative when you get those cravings, although it is more expensive.

Twiga Thu 03-Mar-05 13:08:34

Great tip Littleb, might be worth the expense to prevent the worry of should I shouldn't I! Is it easy enough to get hold of?

LittleB Thu 03-Mar-05 13:51:17

I get it in a local health food shop, but if they stock it here in the depths of the west country I expect you can get it anywhere. Try larger supermarkets, healthfood shops or delis.

mummytosteven Thu 03-Mar-05 14:58:46

agree with twiga and bonym - that should only be a problem if any family history of nut allergies, exczema, asthma or hayfever. coz I have a brazil nut allergy I was advised to avoid all nuts during PG

holland and barrett should do cashew nut butter.

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