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Worried and awake at 2am. Can't feel the baby moving, anyone around?

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quietbaby Fri 03-Oct-08 02:44:42

I'm really worried (probably for no reason) because I can't feel my baby moving very much.
I am 34 weeks pg and have a mw appointment in the morning, when I shall be telling her about my worries.
I know the baby sleeps, and if I press on the "hard bits" in my bump it does sort of move out of the way, but I am sitting here waiting for something to happen and getting stressed out. Have not woken DH up.
It's my last day at work tomorrow which probably is adding to my stress levels, but my over active imagination is now running away with me... what if there's something really wrong?
Feeling a bit hormonal and overwhelmed, can anyone offer any advice?

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 03-Oct-08 02:49:39

possibly baby running out of space. they do move a lot less towards the end. to put your mind at rest <in the morning> try drinking some lucazade. should wake the baby up. when did baby last move? tbh if it was less than 24 hours ago i wouldnt worry at all. especially if he/she is reacting to you pressing the bump.

quietbaby Fri 03-Oct-08 02:51:41

Thanks Seashells, I think it's my hormones making me a bit oversensitive tbh!
Will go and find something fizzy to wake the baby!
Yes, it did move less than 24 hrs ago. Actually, it was at work and the IT lady asked if she could touch the bump, then it gave a huge KICK and made her jump! She has no DCs and was totally freaked out by it grin

SheSellsSeashellsByTheSeashore Fri 03-Oct-08 02:55:15

all is fine then i am sure of it. movements will be getting less at this time. try going into your airing cuboard and doing a somersault!!!! space is getting tighter in there now! know how you feel though i went through this a few times with dd2. dd1 was always very quiet. she is making up for lost time now. good luck with it all

eidsvold Fri 03-Oct-08 02:55:32

orange juice, ice block - something very cold - that was what I was advised to do when we needed dd1 to roll over/move for her scan.

seashells is right too - they do less violent moves iykwim as they run out of room.

PazzaPlusTwo Fri 03-Oct-08 03:58:40

hello - i think they sleep up to 18 hours a day in there, so try not to worry!

i had twins and they hardly moved that i could feel, maybe twice or three times a day. nothing wrong tho - very healthy little girls.


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