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Hospital bag - when did you start organising yours?

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EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Thu 02-Oct-08 20:52:44

Im planning a homebirth but need one just in case am wondering when to start.

Don't want to get organised too early or be too late! lol

lauraloola Fri 03-Oct-08 09:07:49

I put mine together when I was about 36 weeks. There are some good lists on mn about what to put in them if you search it x

SharkyandGeorge Fri 03-Oct-08 09:09:37

About 35 weeks started throwing things into the general direction of the bag, wasn't actually packed and ready to go til the night before I went in for induction.

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 03-Oct-08 09:15:49

DS1, the day before I was induced, DS2 (threatened prem) about 2 minutes after the contractions started at 34 weeks, though didn't need it till I was induced at 41 weeks.

This one, well I am 27 weeks now, again getting contractions, but have only just bought a bag suitable for the hospital, have nothing to put in it, probably won't do for a little while yet.

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Fri 03-Oct-08 09:22:36

I second the 'throwing things in the general direction' of a bag, form about 30wks. Still wasn't packed when I went into early labour at 36wks though grin

I have to temporarily move closer to the hospital (live on an island) at 36wks this time, so I'll probably pack it by about 34-35.

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Fri 03-Oct-08 09:23:03

Enchanted - you didn't use to be Dis, did you?

EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Fri 03-Oct-08 09:24:09

I did teuch

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 03-Oct-08 09:24:49

Teuch, never mind loitering here young lady, get yer arse over to the wagon please, we need keeping up to date!

NatalieJaneIsPregnantAgain Fri 03-Oct-08 09:25:31

Oh, hello Dis

How far are you now?

Same goes for you BTW, Wagon, now!!! wink

EnchantedWithEdwardCullen Fri 03-Oct-08 09:27:03

28 weeks today grin

Am very big and very sore! lol.

Just finished the nursery yesterday.

Will post some pics soon x

WorzselMummage Fri 03-Oct-08 09:29:07

My daughter was born at 32 weeks and i didnt have a bag packed so nothing for me or her, i was rushed to hospital on Cristmas day and had to stay in for ages, i wasnt alowed to go and get my bag so my Mum had to do it for me, she tried but i had nothing i wanted.

It was depressing.

This time bag will be packed ( and unpacked and repacked ) by 24 weeks and left by the front door. I wont be getting caught out again.

mamadiva Fri 03-Oct-08 09:29:08

I packed mine at 34 weeks. But never bothered with alot just main things and got DP and mum to get me everything else

WouldYouCouldYouWithAGoat Fri 03-Oct-08 09:32:35

i was also planning a homebirth. i packed my bag when my waters broke. it was quite a good distraction.

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Fri 03-Oct-08 09:33:09

Ah, lovely to 'see' you again grin

I am also very big and very sore - I remember your ginormous bump photos from early on!

I'm trying to work out...I think I'm nearly 28weeks as well hmm

Horton Fri 03-Oct-08 09:40:10

About 34 weeks. Then I packed and repacked it so often that I wasn't sure what the hell was in there and what wasn't and had to do it all over again in the throes of labour while moaning loudly and lying on the stairs. grin

Oh yes, and then I didn't use half of it.

lizziemun Fri 03-Oct-08 09:50:35

With DD1 i packed at 37/8wks and had dd1 a week later.

Again with dd2 i didn't pack until wk 36.

expatinscotland Fri 03-Oct-08 09:56:30

mine's packed and i'm 36 weeks.

i have two - one for baby and one for me.

i'm not as far out as teuch, but there's a chance i could wind up quite far from home so it's best to be prepared.

BigTeuchLittleTeuch Fri 03-Oct-08 10:23:37

Yes, I shoudl probably point out that I will have an entire boot packed grin

Hospital bag, car seat, pram, bedding, clothes, blah, blah...

Not to mention all of my fitting garments and a month's worth of stuff for DS, for our 'trip' hmm

It's all coming with me!!

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