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Homeopathy In Pregnancy

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colette Fri 21-Feb-03 19:22:25

I am interested in trying homeopathic medicine . What I'd really like to know is- is it safe in pregnancy .I am getting conflicting advice .
I have trouble sleeping - my mind is churning over stupid things and making "to do " lists.. Consequently I feel pretty exhausted the next day and have real trouble getting through a day's work or on the days I don't work getting much done. It doesn't sound like much but it's really stressing me and I'm feeling guilty for being impatient with dd and work is pretty pressurised at present .
Also as I'm 21 weeks I feel I would like to be getting things done as last time I was quite ill in the last trim. (induced at 36 wks)
Dh works really long hours and last weekend I completely lost it with him and ended up nearly throwing a lot of his junk ( he is a hoarder)out of the window - as I am fed up waiting for him to clear it up. I was a bit O.T.T.!!
So after that rant - has anyone any advice/ recommendations.

pupuce Fri 21-Feb-03 23:00:42

Hi Colette

If you have serious trouble falling asleep, a friend of mine is sepcialies in accupuncture for pregnancy and she has told me that it works REALLY well for such problems as insomnia... I haven't tried it myself but this friend is reliable and she wasn't trying to sell me anything ...

As for homeopathy - yes it is safe but I'd advise you to see an homeopath versus self-medicating as they might be better at pinpointing what you should take!

Good luck

ghengis Fri 21-Feb-03 23:19:27

Collette, you sound like a normal, hormonal pregnant woman to me! I too used to make lists at night and found if I wrote them down before I went to sleep, or even during the night, that I would fall back to sleep with my mind at rest. I found reflexology the best but be sure you discuss your pregnancy with the reflexologist beforehand. Good luck

anais Fri 21-Feb-03 23:28:06

Collette, I agree with Pupuce. Homeopathy is safe in pregnancy, but it would be best to visit a homeopath. Remedies are selected according to a wide range of criteria - it;s not just a case of a single remedy for a particular condition. There are thousands to choose from and obviously to be effective it needs to be the right one.


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