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stupid question but what does a contraction feel like???

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lexysmith Thu 02-Oct-08 09:03:38

I really should know this because I've already had one child but it was five years ago!

I am 39 weeks and having strong tightening feelings which push my bump into all sorts of strange shapes every ten or fiftenn minutes. It doesn't hurt too much but is uncomfortable and my legs and back are aching... don't know whether to ring MW and risk sounding bit dumb... also don't know if husband should go to work as he will be about 40 minutes from home and then its another 40 mins to hospital..

Guess am just panicking but all experienced advice welcome!! smile

Lib76 Thu 02-Oct-08 09:12:38

mmm sounds like it could be starting! early contractions will make you stop what your doing but not too painful. when mine started off i had to sit on my ball and take some deep breaths and it went. They started of every 10 to 15 mins also, mind you that started on the Friday eveving and DS didn't arrive till early hours of sunday!!

of course could be BH but if you have back pain too i would chat to MW

Good luck!! smile

belgo Thu 02-Oct-08 09:20:39

The general rule is if you are not sure if they are real contractions or not, then they are probably not, or at least not yet!

They sound like braxton hicks or practice contractions, which are getting your body ready to go into labour.

It's impossible to say when labour will start though - don't be afraid of phoning your midwife and asking for advice - that's whet the midwives are there for!

lexysmith Thu 02-Oct-08 09:21:14

Thanks Lib76 ... spoke to MW and she said she had no idea really but to stay at home and potter about and wait to see if they get stronger/ closer together... of course have put everyone on alert now - mistake number one. Will feel a right charlie when turn up to deliver DD to school in the morning still with HUGE bump! My husband had to run the gauntlet this morning as I was too scared to drive...

when will someone invent something that can tell you when you're going to produce!!


Charlee Thu 02-Oct-08 09:23:55

I didn;t actually realise i was having contractions for ages but when i did it was like this.

I was siting in my hospital bed nattering to dp.

Every 6 mins or so i would jump up off the bad as i had a strange uncomfortable feeling in my bum! It felt like i was desperate to go to the toilet a real pushing feeling so that i physically couldn't sit down!

It wasn't untill i had done it a good few times that it was dp that actually said 'what the hell are you doin Charlee' Are you in labour?' that it actually dawned on me that i was!

I was 6cm by the time i realised grin

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