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Will the sonographer be able to tell sex at 14+4?

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Cosmogirl Wed 01-Oct-08 12:37:36


I have my first NHS scan on Friday at 14+4. Just wondering how likely it would be that they could tell the sex. Dare I ask or would they tell me off?

LaTrucha Wed 01-Oct-08 12:44:22

They wouldn't tell you without you asking but I don't think they'd be able to tell at 14 weeks.

Congratulations! Just LOVE scans grin

loobeylou Wed 01-Oct-08 12:46:32

scans are unreliable for this even at 20 weeks, depending on angle baby is at, the cord can be mistaken for a willy, swollen vulva for testicles etc

some NHS trusts WILL NOT UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES tell you anyway(as there is a problem in some ethnic communities with unwanted girls being aborted in back street clinics sad)

sorry if that offends anyone but sadly tis true even in 2008

mumoverseas Wed 01-Oct-08 12:47:12

my friend was told that they thought it was a boy when she had her 12 week scan and it was. Guess it is 50/50 though! no reason why you shouldn't ask but you may find they won't say for definite as its still very early. I'm dying to know what flavour mine is but am hanging in til my 20 week scan in a couple of weeks!

istinkhavingaboyoragirl Wed 01-Oct-08 13:13:13

they couldnt tell @ my 20week scan as bean had legs crossed the whole time.
i agree that 14 weeks is abit early to tell

CookieMonster2 Wed 01-Oct-08 13:15:15

I don't think they can tell until around 17 weeks, but as already mentioned, its not always reliable and if the baby is in the wrong position they can't see anyway. They will never say they are certain because they have to cover themselves.
They won't tell you off for asking but you will need to ask if you want to know or if you want photos. At least that is the case at my hospital.

If you live in an area where the NHS won't tell you a lot of private companies will offer to do a free scan to tell you the sex of the baby. They then use this as an opportunity to sell you photos DVDs etc which of course you can turn down.

babypringle Wed 01-Oct-08 13:53:22

I had a private nuchal scan a couple of weeks ago at 12+4 and asked the consultant if he could tell us ... he said it is possible that early and told us he was 80% certain of the sex. but we're not telling anyone what he said until it's confirmed at the 20wk scan. It can't hurt to ask!!!

babyinbelly Wed 01-Oct-08 14:04:18

I asked at 16week scan but baby had its legs pulled up to belly so couldn't see. sonographer looked a bit put out that I had asked as I don't think she wanted to be asked to try and tell so early but she didn't tell us off.

Agree it is unreliable this early but there is no harm in asking. Just don't rush out buying a particular colour as it would be awful to have a shock that it is not what you thought when born!

annoyingdevil Wed 01-Oct-08 14:08:54

They told me at the nuchal scan (12 something weeks) It was correct!

CoteDAzur Wed 01-Oct-08 14:10:09

We were told at 12 week scan.

With the machine he was using, it wouldn't have mattered if DD had her legs up, because he was able to freeze image, turn it 360 degrees to see any angle, and cut parts of the image away to see inside. Seriously.

He said that at this stage all fetuses have external genitalia, which looks slightly up in boys and slightly down in girls.

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