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Blondegal Wed 01-Oct-08 11:21:33

hi all. I have just finished a course of antibiotics for cystitis. Hated taking them while pregnant but doc assured me it was 100% safe. Just wondering if any of you have had recurring cystitis during pregnancy. Does it matter how many times you need to take antibiotics. Its just that Im very prone to cystitis and Im sure I will have more flare ups later on. Im only 8 weeks gone. thanks

CoteDAzur Wed 01-Oct-08 11:31:44

Once you have given birth and stopped breastfeeding, go to a gynecologist and say you have recurrent cystitis. Chances are he will do a (vaginal) treatment coupled with a urinary track antiseptic, and you will be cured of this forever.

I was also "very prone to cystitis". Gynecologist sorted it out for me and I haven't had it again. This was 8 years ago.

Apparently the microbe gets lodged in vagina and reinfects the urinary track during your periods.

Good luck.

beanieb Wed 01-Oct-08 11:36:37

Wow - is this true! I was gettign recurrent bouts of Cystitis just after my period. Had a 5 day course of antibiotics last month and this month still not had it. I think I am cured, but the doc didn't give me any vaginal treatment.

Gemzooks Wed 01-Oct-08 14:57:27

I can only give you a tip my cousin gave me, who is a doctor, I used to get cystitis a lot but it worked for me. Make sure that every time you wee, you lean back and squeeze out the last drops. this is because the womb can compress part of the bladder, causing old urine to pool and it doesn't get emptied properly, so that bacteria breeds. And also keep very well hydrated. I also found it worked to shower my bits carefully and in a direction from front to back after sex and after doing a poo (sorry for TMI but it does work!)

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