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Having 12 week scan this afternoon - absolutely terrified!!

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BarbarellaNz Wed 01-Oct-08 10:14:00

Hi Everyone,
Have finally got to the day of my 12 week scan and am SO SCARED!! I am pregnant with IVF triplets (sixth atttempt). Found out I'd miscarried first IVF pregnancy at exactly this date - had no idea and thought everything fine but baby had died. Please tell me it won't happen again!!
Have been worried as nausea which was really bad all the way through has almost gone in the last few days. Hoping it means the placenta is taking over??
Please keep your fingers crossed for me


bamboostalks Wed 01-Oct-08 10:15:29

Everything crossed for you. Let us know how you get on. Good Luck.

surprisenumber3 Wed 01-Oct-08 10:15:45

Good luck - I have mine Friday and am so scared too xxx

Alexa808 Wed 01-Oct-08 10:21:21

Babs: good luck!! Keeping fingers crossed for you!!!

broodymom Wed 01-Oct-08 10:52:51

Good luck fingers well and truely crossed X

istinkhavingaboyoragirl Wed 01-Oct-08 11:02:51

ggod luck wow triplets

Jennyisjustknackered Wed 01-Oct-08 11:03:25

Ooooh, I can't wait to hear how you get on!!

electra Wed 01-Oct-08 11:10:07

Good luck - try not to worry smile

cikecaka Wed 01-Oct-08 11:13:22

Good luck. smile, let us know how you get on! Will be thinking of you today

ajm200 Wed 01-Oct-08 11:34:16

Good luck, hope it all goes well.

LullyMummaOfOne Wed 01-Oct-08 12:12:23

Good luck today, keep us posted x

BarbarellaNz Wed 01-Oct-08 13:17:35

Thanks Everyone,
One hour to go!! Will let you know how I get on but have taken on your good wishes and positive thoughts.

Barbarella XX

ajm200 Wed 01-Oct-08 19:29:00

Hope it went well

broodymom Wed 01-Oct-08 20:06:17

Barbarella hope no news is good news hun x

bamboostalks Thu 02-Oct-08 16:13:45

Any news Barbarella?

LullyMummaOfOne Fri 03-Oct-08 11:03:31

Still no news? My fingers are crossed Barbarella x

cikecaka Fri 03-Oct-08 11:46:55

Just checking in to see is there any news?

broodymom Fri 03-Oct-08 12:14:09

There is another thead that barb has started on here telling everyone things went well.

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