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26 wks and nipple has gone crusty :-/!

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Ginni Mon 29-Sep-08 21:58:52

Why? I noticed it had become like this this morning, and it's feeling quite sore and achy (my other one looks like it has this developing too but is ok for now).

Has anyone else experienced this? I am wondering if it could possibly be anything to do with my bra being slightly too tight? Or could it be infected?!! Do you have any advice on what I should do?

Twiga Mon 29-Sep-08 22:11:18

Two things spring to mind;

1) you could have a thrush infection
2) your getting some colustrum leakage, just a small ammount can make nips a bit crusty looking - I would lean towards this theory if it's not itchy and is kinda yellowy/creamy in colour?

think the achy feeling if it is milk leakage can be put down to pg boobies - I'm 28 wks and feeling quite tender at the mo, plus have slight leakage at this point. If bras are tight get re-fitted asap as will be much more comfy and will prevent damage to milk ducts etc which will all be forming/getting ready at this point.

HTH and that someone else can clarify or put fwd a diff suggestion soon.

mybumpsaboy Tue 30-Sep-08 08:07:45

hallo I sympathise too...

I'm 27 weeks & in the same boat, the aching & crusty lookingness ~(mmmm nice lol) is def colustrum in my case, so even if you haven't directly seen it this could be the case.

I've helped it a fair bit by getting a nursing bra fitted, giving them a bit of a massage/squeeze when they ache loads (sometimes find once they've done having a little leak they feel much better again) & got some of those bra gel-rings that you put in the fridge for a lil while...mothercare sells them & they're a godsend


Soon2bMumJ9 Tue 30-Sep-08 12:20:08

I am 30.2 weeks and whilst I have never actually seen something coming out or felt it its crusty in the morning or when I go to bed so I think its the same thing!

I have been warned by friends to expect full on leakage soon.

Ginni Wed 01-Oct-08 13:39:57

the crustiness washed off! It hasn't happened before or since so i'm assuming it was colostrum. It happened after a love making session funnily enough, I wonder if that is anything to do with it.

Bra-gel rings, the idea makes me squirm for some reason but I can see it is a good idea, thanks.

dan39 Wed 01-Oct-08 15:27:58

I would check it out if I were you, esp if there is any smell. You don't want an infection at this stage...It is possible to get mastitis in pg and its not nice.

Twiga Sat 04-Oct-08 12:17:57

Ginni - that may well have triggered things. When your bfing milk can squirt at the most romantic of moments so sense of humour as with most things pg/baby related is a good thing to hang onto!

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