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Ante natal Yoga in Brighton

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jai38 Mon 29-Sep-08 17:06:33

Hi all

Have a second DC due in April and had a bit of rough time with DS so midwife as suggested some antenatal yoga to ease the birth this time and just wondered if anyone had some suggestions.

Many thanks

Lizzzombie Mon 29-Sep-08 17:11:35

I went Here - Yoga Haven off of Western Road, but their evening class was quite late for me to get to after work and I just used to fall asleep! blush
Teacher was really good though.

Also, Here may have some. I went to Pilates here after DS was born. Again -lovely teacher. Move Hove than Brighton though. Not far away though.


Lizzzombie Mon 29-Sep-08 17:12:29

Sorry, meant MORE Hove than Brighton. Its opposite Hove Town Hall, so easy to get to still. But parking would be a nightmare.

Pollyanna Mon 29-Sep-08 17:14:30

there is an antenatal class at brighton natural health centre (google bhnc), dont know how good it is though.

policywonk Mon 29-Sep-08 17:15:56

Karen Ironside on the Ditchling Road used to be the lentil-weaver's pregnancy yoga teacher-of-choice when I lived there.

Pollyanna Mon 29-Sep-08 17:17:31

I'm not sure if she does yoga or active birth classes, but she is still recommended by lots of people

jai38 Mon 29-Sep-08 17:21:46

Brilliant - something to start with many thanks

saintmaybe Mon 29-Sep-08 17:29:21

Karel Ironside is fab. Did her classes through all three pgs, and I love her.

GreenEggsAndSpam Tue 30-Sep-08 15:19:18

I would recommend Karen Wykes. Not quite as lental-weaverish as Karel Ironside. Karen used to do classes in both Brighton and Hove, day ones and eve ones. She is a little scatty, but very good. I loved doing her classes! She has had natiral births and a c-section, so is quite rounded in her views of the whole thing.
I personally found Karel's classes a bit too hippy-ish - and don't ever mention the word MMR in her presence...hmm

I believe there are also yoga classes attached to Sure Start centres, but don't quote me on that.

Best of luck. Brighton is a good place for these sorts of things. You could also try doing the aqua natal classes at the Price Regent - I always found those quite friendly and good for keeping active.

kitkatyogi Sun 17-Oct-10 19:06:28

I run a pregnancy yoga course in Hove. We focus on stretching out the body in specific areas to allow for the changes in your body. You will also learn breathing techniques to help you through labour and to help you as your baby bump grows and reduces your lung capacity.

It's a friendly environment and I myself am pregnant so can understand the changes you are experiencing mentally, physically and emotionally.

If you are interested you can email me at or go to my website for more information

daisygemma Wed 29-Dec-10 17:16:19

Hi this is a bit old now but if anyone is searching for an active antenatal birth class in brighton that is what i do!

It is a fedant approved 6 week antenatal active birth course.

Please see my website for full details

or email me

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