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Twingey pains

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mamakim Sun 28-Sep-08 11:40:36

Hi girls, i'm 8 weeks pregnant . This morning i have been getting lots of sharp twinges in my uterus. I don't remember having this with my ds. Anyone else getting this? Should i worry?

broodymom Sun 28-Sep-08 13:58:27

Hi i am 11+1 and i have been getting twinges for a few weeks now. i think it is just you ligaments stretching.

elmoandella Sun 28-Sep-08 14:10:59

stretchin is quite common. if they get very painful though best to call midwife in the morning. my friend had really sore ones. she went for scan and found out it was twins causing her to expand extra fast

mamakim Sun 28-Sep-08 14:29:41

My friend suggested it might be the scar on my uterus from my c section stretching. Does that sound likely, it's quite bad now. Hurts when i sneeze!

elmoandella Sun 28-Sep-08 14:33:26

yeah. probably that i'd say. specially when you saying sneezing thing

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