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Peeing in strange places whilst pregnanct:(.

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Louisexox Sat 27-Sep-08 21:37:29

I'm 37 weeks gone, my partner and myself were on our way to a parentcraft class, our hospital is 15 mins away so I'm usually needing the toliet but not at the point of bursting. Anyway we got stuck behind an old man who seemed to think that 40 mphs speed limit really means 10 mph( literally 10 mph ugh). There was no way to over take him and no pubs or cafes so I had to get my partner to pull over so I could literally run and pee in a bush before I wee'd all over the car. Luckily I had hankies and hand gel with me so at least I didn't feel totally disgusting.

Anyone else got any funny or like mine mortifying weeing stories?, I feel like an incontinent whale.

Ebb Sun 28-Sep-08 11:14:55

I was a nightmare for peeing when pregnant. Dp found out I was pregnant after we'd had to stop at a service station for about the 5th time on the way to the airport. He was having a go that I wasn't normal and ought to see a doctor when I admitted I was pregnant. I had been planning to tell him in nicer circumstances!

On the way to my 12 week scan I had to run into a post office cross legged as the public loos were shut. I was so embarassed.

However when I was not pregnant I was as bad. I was out riding one day and needed a wee so got off my horse, noted a large thistle, moved away and duely backed into a bunch of stinging nettles. blush I had to ride home with dock leaves in my knickers! grin

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