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Back Brace

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AllieM Mon 28-Feb-05 12:23:42

Hi there,

Have just joined this website and it's great! Lots of interesting stuff to read for a first-timer like me.

I have a lower back problem and want to buy a back brace - however lots available on internet and I wondered if anyone had a good recommendation of a brace they found particularly useful?

Many thanks!

mogwai Mon 28-Feb-05 13:41:57

have you considered seeing a physiotherapist? I'm also a first timer having some back problems, when I saw a physio last week he diagnosed a pelvic torsion and pubis symphysis problems! I'd never have realised. He's going to sort me out with the proper "binder" to control this through the rest of the pregnancy and it will apparently need treatment afterwards. I'm glad I went to see him

starlover Tue 01-Mar-05 19:59:27

have you considered seeing an osteopath?
I swear by mine... she is fantastic, and has just sorted out the back probs caused by giving birth!

would highly recommend one!

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