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Safe Underwired Maternity Bra up to a H Cup !

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LexisMummy Sat 27-Sep-08 07:55:39

Have found an underwired maternity bra that goes up to a H cup! It's by Anita Maternity and (apparently) the wires are softer than normal, and the bra is cut slightly differently to normal making it safe to wear during preganancy. Have just received mine from look at this pageand it is very supportive even for big boobies. Its not a cheap bra, but there is free postage. There's also a nursing version, again up to a H.

RaggedRobin Sat 27-Sep-08 21:51:42

please accept my award for top person of the week. lovely new bra winging its way to me right now.

was looking at a photo of myself today and could see my boobs hovering around my waistband. off with you, rubbish old nursing bra!!!

MsG Sun 28-Sep-08 10:01:48

Hi there,

I've been wondering about underwired bras as I've had differing things. Are they OK to wear depending on the cut then?

I'm only 5 weeks pg but I think my breasts are getting bigger already. Unfortunately I don't live near a decent bra shop so might struggle to get a good one. Might have to plan a shopping trip to a bigger city soon! I need a Bravissimo really. I'd be worried about buying one online in case it didn't fit. Also, I'm rubbish at judging myself if it does!!


Dandelioness Sun 28-Sep-08 15:11:12

FANTASTIC find, thank you!

JacobsPrincess Sun 28-Sep-08 15:27:38

I've found this Nursing bra to be fantastic (currently a H cup!)
Not sure if it's the same as OP's.

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