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Having to go for GTT at 11-12 weeks pregnant.!

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Claireykitten Fri 26-Sep-08 09:08:30

I had my Booking in appointment last week where MW did all the usual bloods etc and I have received a letter yesterday saying that my Blood Glucose level was raised and I have to go for a GTT next Tuesday I am now really freaking out and thinking worst case scenarios. Does any one have any advise or idea as to what this could mean for me. To be honest I think I am also freaking a little being an extremely hormonal pregnant woman and feeling really alone and unsupported I am going to have to go on my own as DH cant afford the time off. Can anyone give me any advise to help me calm down.


mistlethrush Fri 26-Sep-08 09:17:21

I went once later on and my levels were up. MW not very helpful - giving me a leaflet on preeclampsia and saying that she expected to see me in with it hmm - saw consultant and he agreed that it was very unlikely that I had GD but that he would have to book me in for the test anyway. Test fine - blood test, drink sugary drink, wait around (about an hour, hour and a half), repeat blood test.
Results negative for me.

If the results are positive, the thing is to find out and it can be managed - you will be given help and support.

Don't get worked up. Have the test done, see what happens. The test itself is not bad or scary.

Best of luck.

CantSleepWontSleep Fri 26-Sep-08 09:26:56

Don't panic!
I went for the test at 13 weeks, but threw up throughout it, so was retested at 17 weeks, which is still much earlier than most people get tested (my test was due to family history and being overweight). I tested positive unfortunately, but have managed to control my GD through diet, and am due to give birth next week .

The GTT means fasting for 12 hours, then having blood taken, being given a glucose drink, sitting around for 2 hours and then having another blood test. They will check to see how much sugar was in your blood after fasting, and whether your body has been able to deal with the input of glucose sufficiently.

If you do test positive, there is a small chance that you may have been type 2 diabetic before the pregnancy, but a few days of monitoring your own blood sugar at home (finger prick tests which you'd normally do 4 times a day) should be enough for the consultant to decide whether it is type 2 or just gestational.

There is a support thread on here for those of us with GD, so come and join us if your results are positive.

Claireykitten Fri 26-Sep-08 09:37:07

Thanks for replying.

If it is positive I know it is gestational and not type 2 as this is my 2nd pg and I had to have the GTT at 28 weeks last time due to being overweight and I was negative last time. I think that is also affecting me this time because I have done it before I know how rough I felt and I am going to have to drive myself this time. I shall definitely be popping up in the support thread if it is positive!!


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