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WheresTheAuPair Thu 25-Sep-08 14:22:29

How good is this (and no I don't work for them). I decided to treat myself and buy some nice tops to breastfeed in this time around. Am 35 weeks PG and big as a house so browsed the internet for nice tops as am sick of wearing the same old stretched items.

Last time round with DS I never bothered having anything nice to wear after his birth as I presumed i'd magically ping back into a size 12 hmm and ended up still wearing the same clothes for months afterwards. This time I thought sod it i'll get something nice in stock for when this gigantic tummy deflates!

I ordered x2 tops from at about 5pm yesterday and they arrived this morning! AND they are really nice smile AND in nice crinkly tissue paper.

Now if DS would just go for a nap so I can have a sleep, today would be perfect wink

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