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mostlymay Thu 25-Sep-08 13:28:17

Just thought I'd warn other MNs about this website. I am having a nightmare with them. I ordered some stuff from them back in July , they took my money immediately from my credit card and then didn't send through my stuff. I have called and left messages on their answerphone (as no one ever answers their lines) and have emailed them so so many times but nothing angry

They have now blocked my email address and so I have no way of contacting them and I haven't even sent them horrid messages just wanted my order or money back.. Didn't swear or anything!!

My credit card company are now chasing them for a refund for me..

It is a nightmare so just be careful if you do order from them..

Sallypuss Thu 25-Sep-08 13:40:26

mostlymay - I'm having exactly the same problem. I've ordered my nursery furniture from them. Each week they tell me it's going to be delivered and each week, the day before delivery they email me to say it will be the following week. I'm 36 weeks pg and have just lost all patience with them and have ordered elsewhere (paying the extra £100 with gritted teeth!).

Babies247 may be cheap but their customer service is appalling. Like you, I've disputed the payment via my credit card as undoubtedly, the refund from them will take forever.

I actually emailed them last night and included a previous MN thread commenting on their customer service in the hope that some bad publicity would shame them into providing decent customer service. Search babies247 on the previous threads to see other posters responses - they're all common themes. Good luck.

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