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39+3 - and paranoid about baby movement - anyone else?

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KJ11 Wed 24-Sep-08 18:28:09

Hi - Im 39+3 and paranoid about how much the baby moves. Im very active still and the baby isn't moving as much as it used to, i know there isn't as much room in there and it has moments of being very active but long periods of quiet. i think im just desperate to have it out now!

woose Wed 24-Sep-08 19:26:09

Hi KJ11 I am the same as you 39+3. LO has not moved quite so much in the last week or so. Although still moving loads more than my DS, who was very quiet. I think we are just very aware of what is going on inside at this point. If you are worried give the maternity unit a ring. My MW is always saying that they can have yo in straight away and monitor LO for a while to put your mind at rest.

I think that they don't move so much when they are getting ready to be born, so maybe your LO will be on its way soon!!!

If you are worried ans want to make baby move lie down and sip really cold iced water.

I had to do this alot at the end of my last pg.

Dd would be still for hours on end.

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