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20 weeks scan at FMC or on NHS?

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jasperc163 Wed 24-Sep-08 10:48:08

Interested to hear from anyone who had a theirs at the Fetal Medicine Centre? I had a nuchal there yesterday and was really impressed with the amount of time they spent (last time around i had a nuchal privately at Addenbrookes and it was nothing like as good).

I had assumed that i would go and have the 20 week scan at my local hospital (I did this last time but i had had an amnio so tbh i wasnt too worried. This time no CVS/amnio due to better risk results so i think i will be more concerned about the 20 week scan).

So basically - to anyone who has had one at the FMC - is it worth the extra £200?

thanks alot

LoveActually Wed 24-Sep-08 10:51:05

I had my 20 wk scan at Addenbrookes (five weeks ago) and I couldn't fault it. We are taking part in a neo-natal study there (for first time parents though) so it may be we got extra special treatment. x

Bubbaluv Wed 24-Sep-08 11:00:33

I did both! But not at the FMC, but upstairs at the Birth Company. I am a scan addict though.

Tapster Wed 24-Sep-08 12:56:29

I've booked mine at the FMC too. For me its worth paying for the reassurance if you can afford it. Scanning all depends on the skill of the sonographer and NHS ones from my experience can be a bit hit and miss. Also check that the 20 week scan is actually at 20 weeks in my area they are often given at 22 weeks+ which is too late for me.

sunshine185 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:15:43

i use the birth company too, dr gibb is fab. he gets his bloods screened downstairs at fmc and gets results same day!

sadminster Wed 24-Sep-08 14:16:29

I had my 20 week scan (with placental doppler & cervical assessment) with the FMC & they were fabulous, I was in there for over an hour & they checked everything is is possible to.

jem1969 Wed 24-Sep-08 15:26:25

I had a 20 week scan at FMC with DD. Wasn't planning too but the nuchal was so good thought I would and it was great. Spent ages looking at everything and explaining it all.
Having another one there next week, again after having a nuchal scan there this time as well.
All their profits go back into their charity which makes me feel a bit better about spending the money, rather than it just going to some Harley Street doctor's porsche!

jasperc163 Wed 24-Sep-08 15:38:32

thanks everyone. I've booked the appointment as i think now i've been spoilt with the first one, its going to niggle at me if i dont! As you say jem, at least it is a charity.

Tinasan Wed 24-Sep-08 16:19:18

I was the same as you, once I'd had my first 12 week scan there I was hooked smile I've got my 20 week scan at the FMC tomorrow - can't wait!! Have already had a 20 week scan there for my first baby, and think they are much more thorough than the NHS, so it is very reassuring, and as everybody says, it is a charitable foundation rather than just a money making machine. I hope you enjoy it!

jasperc163 Thu 25-Sep-08 09:36:16

well best of luck tomorrow Tinasan - report back if you have time?

Tinasan Fri 26-Sep-08 13:04:09

Hi there - had my scan yesterday, it was really good. All body parts checked over and it all seems fine! Also got a fantastic close up between the legs - and we are definitely having a wee boy!!! Hope you enjoy your scan as much as I did Jasperc smile

Tapster Fri 26-Sep-08 13:17:55

Congrats - looking forward to mine in a months time. Did they guarantee they will tell you the sex - as lots of people I know who went through the NHS had sonographers that said they couldn't see if its a boy or girl, but they don't look that hard.

jem1969 Fri 26-Sep-08 15:51:06

Congrats Tinasan. We'll be at FMC on Monday having our 20 week scan. Don't want to know what it is though- well, I do a bit but DH def doesn't.

jasperc163 Sun 28-Sep-08 12:57:03

Glad to hear all ok Tinasan :-)

all the best on monday Jem1969

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