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pregnant and taking anti depressant seroxat

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shonapop Tue 23-Sep-08 23:07:30

hiya im 25 weeks pregnant and taking seroxat (also known as peroxatine) i've been taking ot for almost 10 years now to treat panic attacks. i've been assured by GP and midwife that the positives far outway the negatives but im so worried it'll harm the baby. i took it while pregnant with my son and hes just perfect but i'm worried it'll be different this time.
anyone else in simillar position??

TheodoresMummy Wed 24-Sep-08 07:20:00

I take citalopram for depression.

I am around 12 weeks PG (I think).

Discussed it with my GP and she def felt that benefits of taking the ADs outweighed the risks, and I agree because I know how depressed I can get when i'm not on them and with tiredness, nausea and eratic hormones thrown in, I would not want to come off them.

When I discussed it with GP I asked what the risks might be. She seemed to think that the biggest risk (although she did not think that it was a definite proven risk) was that the baby might be used to the drug in it's system.

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