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Question for a freind about entitlement to care.

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Weegiemum Tue 23-Sep-08 13:12:41

A friend has recently returned to live in the UK after 6 years in North America (with only brief holidays home).

She got back 4 weeks ago and is 10 weeks pregnant. She is worried about being entitled to routine antenatal care without paying in the UK. Prior to moving abroad she worked for approx 5 years in the UK, is British, has a UK passport etc ...

She knows she is entitled to emergency care, wonders if she will have to pay for routine care? Does anyone know?

nervousal Tue 23-Sep-08 13:42:12

She is entitled to free NHS Care now that she is resident in the UK. She should arrange to get registered with a GP asap.

nervousal Tue 23-Sep-08 13:44:21


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