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brandy114 Tue 23-Sep-08 10:09:00

hi, i am 2 stone over weight for clomid, i have pcos and have been trying to lose weight for over a year but its like fighting a losing battle. everytime i go to my gyn they tell me to just keep trying. i am on metformin taking 500mg 3 times aday to make ovulate. i habe been on this medication for over 18mth and just wishing they would start me on clomid. i have been checking on the internet at clomid, has anyone ever bought it and tried it on there own... i am getting very desperate and dont know where els to turn x lea x

CountryGirl68 Tue 23-Sep-08 10:54:03

Hi, please please please don't try clomid off the Internet. You just don't know that it's the right stuff in it! Drs will only prescribe it if they can monitor you throughout and there must be reasons for that. I know it can have strange side effects.

If it's any help, I was prescribed clomid when I was just over 13 stone!


brandy114 Tue 23-Sep-08 12:58:29

thank you,
i have been trying to lose weight for the last 2 yrs. and with having pcos i am finding it very hard. i diet all week and put on a 1lb. i dont know what els to do myself and partner really want a baby. i dont think i have any other choice.

DungunGirl Tue 23-Sep-08 13:28:43


I have PCOS, found out this year after almost 2 years of TTC and no joy.

I changed my diet to low GI, started exercising at the gym at least 3 times a week - took up cycling & jogging at the weekend.

It took me 7 months and lots of fertility consultants telling me to lose weight, but I lost 2.5 stone ( still could lose another 1.5 stone to be honest - still overweight! ) but the great news is.....

As soon as lost 2 stone, I got pregnant naturally. Unfortunately I lost the baby at 7 weeks.

After the additional half stone ( this was 3 months after the miscarriage) I found out I was pregnant AGAIN!

I am now almost 12 weeks gone and feeling sick and moody and truly pregnant!

I was in the same place you were at 18 months need support from ladies like yourself.

There is a thread that supported me through my desperate times....come find us on ****PCOS - Anybody in the same boat?****

Terrific support there. THe ladies there are the only reason I didn't go to the internet clomid and persisted!

brandy114 Tue 23-Sep-08 15:28:21

thanks hun x x
so glad everything is going well.
i have lost 2 stone and still another 2 1/2 to lose. its a killer.
i am trying so hard. what is low gi food

LeonieD Wed 24-Sep-08 08:36:30

Message withdrawn

LoveActually Wed 24-Sep-08 08:49:39

Hello there brandy114.

Surprises me the doctor hasn't told you about low GI food, it's food that releases energy slowly into the body rather than give you a 'sugar' hit. Insulin and oestrogen are related so you need to keep sugar levels stable.

I too have PCOS, it was diagnosed when I was 21 - went from being really skinny to spotty and overweight after an illness. But I'm now 38 and 25 weeks pg with my first bub.
My advice, for what it's worth is to look at your diet and lifestyle. I read up about PCOS and followed a low GI diet, went even further and went vegan for several years.
There is a book by Colette Harris you should read.
Avoided alchol (completely) caffeine and avoided dairy and even at one stage wheat for a few months. Also avoided anything with sweetners/processed food (but its nature all low GI stuff) and anything with added sugar including dried fruit. It sounds strict and a bit faddy butit worked for me
I'm not so strict now but I did this for five years. I also work in a stressful profession (news journalism) so took up yoga and gym.

It could work for you and can't do any more harm than taking medication - is all natural!

Moonlit Wed 24-Sep-08 13:46:36

Hi brandy114

I am from the the thread DungunGirl* is taking about.

I to have PCOS. In 2005 I was 10.5 stone and lost one stone by following Atkins, exercise and eating multi vitamins including folic acid for three months and got pregnant straight away. I had DD in 2006 who is now 2.5.

We have been trying to conceive DC#2 since 2006, in October this year it would have been 2 years. My GP prescribed metformin 1500mg a day last year, which helped to loose 1 stone (13.5 stone to 12.5 stone). I have been struggling to loose the rest for ages, and then went to the US with my DD for 2.5 months in June. I did the Atkins again, with excercise and taking multivitamins and lost another 1.5 stone (12.5 to 11 stone). When I came back, I got pregnant straight away! I am 5 weeks pregnant. We are over the moon.

The weight is the key. I was supposed to see my consultant on Monday for clomid.

Never ever get Clomid from the internet. You could harm your body. Clomid unmonitored is very unsafe.

DungunGirl and I are two of the many success stories, please come and join us on the PCOS thread.

Good luck sweetie!

Anything is possible smile


brandy114 Wed 24-Sep-08 14:10:37

thank you so much for all your help and asvice. i have started the atkins diet so hopefully i will drop 2.5 stone by december. also i am back at the gym 3 times a week, so i will keep you posted. x xlea x x smile

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