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feel like I'm going crazy!

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surprisenumber3 Tue 23-Sep-08 09:20:52

I am almost 11 weeks preg with my third and I have got it in my head that this pregnancy must have something wrong with it. I think it stems from the fact that it was a massive surprise and took a while to get my head around it. DH still not being supportive, I asked why he hasn't told his parents yet (he told them at about 6-7 weeks with the others), and he said it is because he isn't proud of the fact he's having another one! So, I do feel slightly alone at the moment. He also told me that 'no men really want kids' hmm Hence I'm not currently talking to him

Anyway, at 6 weeks I had a pinky discharge with a few strings of blood, only lasted about an hour. At 9 weeks I had the pinkiness but no blood, for about half and hour, and the same this morning. Also got some stabbing pains, like period pains but right in the middle. I try to tell myself it's because I have a bad cold/chest infection and all the coughing and sneezing has caused me to pull a muscle. I called the midwife and she just said that it is probably nothing to do with the baby, but I have my 12 week scan in 10 days anyway. Then I started thinking that the pink is obviously blood so if it's not coming from anything to do with the baby, then it must be from my cervix, so what if I have cervical cancer? This might all sound stupid but I am really going crazy about it all. I have my dating scan in 10 days and then the nuchal scan 4 days after that and I have convinced myself it won't be good news.

Please help!

ChocOrange05 Tue 23-Sep-08 14:14:13

Hi Surprise - I don't have much to add but I didn't want your post to go unanswered.

Try and hang in there and don't worry too much (although I know thats easier said than done), I was so nervous in the week before my 12 week scan and convinced myself something was wrong, and from being on MN I think a lot of women feel that way.

If you are really stressing about it, is there anyway you can ask for the scan to be bought forward a few days - especially becuase of the bleeding? Alternatively, as our LO was completely unplanned, we paid for a private scan (about £90) to find out that it really did exist, that was at 8 weeks and it did put my mind at ease for a few hours, until I fell down the stairs the next morning and then worried till the 12 week scan!

All in all there is not much you can do except wait, but you are not stupid for feeling this way, its perfectly natural.

As for your DH angry - tell him to get a grip and support you - everything is so much easier when you have someone to share the experience with.

Good luck! x

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