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What did it feel like when your baby first moved and when was it?

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laweaselmys Mon 22-Sep-08 13:15:07

I think I have felt the baby! Noticed a rolling sensation yesterday, and today a similar bubbly feeling. It's odd, but nice.

Not sure though, I'm only supposed to be 14/15 weeks and this is my first baby... surely I'm not supposed to be feeling anything yet?

Haven't had my dating scan yet though (it's on thurs) and there's a definite possibility I'm further on than I'm supposed to be.

What are everyone else's experiences?

pinkmunkee Mon 22-Sep-08 13:40:03

I felt the baby moving from very early on- about 16/18 weeks I reckon. It felt like there was a goldfish in my belly!

So exciting smile!!!!!

onepieceoflollipop Mon 22-Sep-08 13:42:51

laweaselmys if it is the baby,those fluttery, bubbly feelings will quickly get more noticeable. I noticed 2nd time round at about 15 weeks iirc.

One of the nursery nurses at dd's nursery didn't know her baby was kicking until 6 months! shock

She didn't realise she was pg. After she found she was people asked her had she not felt it move? She confessed she just thought it was really bad trapped wind. grin

mumfor1standmaybe2ndtime Mon 22-Sep-08 14:34:54

Sounds like you are feeling baby to me! I didn't feel anything until around 20 weeks with ds, but this time I felt something from around 14 weeks. I have also been having braxton hicks contractions since 16 weeks!

It is comforting to feel them moving around isn't it, just wait as it gets more frequent and stronger from now on!

HensMum Mon 22-Sep-08 14:41:13

18 weeks. I was sitting on the bus and just felt a thud in the middle of my tummy. It did feel like trapped wind, tbh, but in the wrong place! I never had those fluttery, bubbly feelings, DS was always a thumpy baby.
Just wait until you are hugely pregnant and your whole belly moves. It can really freak some people out - fun!

Seabright Mon 22-Sep-08 17:52:41

I didn't think I'd felt anything until 20+ weeks as everyone kept telling me how lovely the feeling was, and I thought what I was feeling was far from lovely!

It felt a bit like water being squeezed from one balloon to another, or like I was a bit consitpated and needed the loo!

I stay wouldn't say the feeling is "lovely" but it is reassuring

boolean Mon 22-Sep-08 18:11:53

I think it was 18-19 weeks, and it felt a little bit like a darting fish! That's the only way I can describe they got stronger they were also more rolling than bubbly, but sounds like you've felt it already!

laweaselmys Mon 22-Sep-08 19:04:23

oooh! Yay. I'm excited now. I confess I was wondering if I was reading too much into it.

onepieceoflollipop Mon 22-Sep-08 19:16:14

No, not reading too much into it, it is your first baby wriggling away. It's actually quite significant imo, the first sign that there really is a little life there iykwim! [soppy emoticon]

Littlemisskiwi Tue 23-Sep-08 07:54:29

I haven't felt our baby move yet (Only 15 +2, first baby) but my sister said it was like the feeling of going over a humped back bridge in a car quickly and your belly 'gets left behind'. I liked that description...

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