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Help! Think I have poss food poisoning -what should I do?

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Mirry71 Mon 22-Sep-08 03:51:24

Had a veggie curry takeaway last night - chickpeas, dhal, veg rice and some mint yoghurt sauce. Ate it all-although in retrospect probably did 2 stupid things - reheated it because it wasnt piping hot when arrived and thinking back not sure about yoghurt sauce. Have just woken up and thrown up (sorry if TMI). No other symptoms except feeling sorry for myself so far. Am worried what it can be and whether need to see a doctor. Any MNers had similar and can advise? Cannot forgive myself if done anything to harm baby (am 18 wks btw)

RedHead81 Mon 22-Sep-08 16:24:24

could it just be morning sickness? your body may not have reacted well to the spices - its prob not food poisoning because it takes longer than a few hours to take effect. reheating food (especially takeaway) when pregnant can always be hazardous. food poisoning almost always is accompanied with abdominal pain - if you really do think its food poisoning though, ring the gp.

i hope its nothing more than a bit of morning sickness. hope your feeling better now.

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