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9 wks+5 scan -full bladder or not?

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staryeyed Sun 21-Sep-08 18:03:41

Ive got a scan tomorrow and I wasn't sure if Im supposed to go with a full bladder or not as it was booked last minute there was no information. Does anyone know?

lauraloola Sun 21-Sep-08 18:20:33

I had one at 7 weeks and was told to have a full bladder. If your bladder is full it pushes your womb up so its easier to see.

I drank so much I needed a wee just before I went in but it was clear. Good luck x

staryeyed Sun 21-Sep-08 18:44:32


hughjarssss Sun 21-Sep-08 18:47:02

I went in for a full baldder and was told to empty it. The sonagrapher said they dont need women to have full bladders any more

kd73 Sun 21-Sep-08 22:00:03

I went at 6 wks with a full bladder, arriving early for appointment (due to excitment) but was kept waiting for 40 minutes after appointment due. By such time I was in quite a bit of pain and concentrated more on not peeing everywhere rather than the actual scan itself sad.

Never went for another scan again with full bladder and just drank a couple of glasses whilst in the waiting room.

TheBlonde Sun 21-Sep-08 22:04:45

never needed a full bladder
I've had to empty it for early scans

tissy Sun 21-Sep-08 22:06:40

the full bladder acts as a window so that the sonographer can get a good view of the uterus, which is behind. I would go with a full bladder; they can always send you for a wee if they don't want it, and it's easier and quicker than filling it if you need to.

staryeyed Mon 22-Sep-08 10:23:09

Thanks everyone. I went with a full bladder and that was fine. The scan showed the babies heartbeat which was a relief and just one baby -GP thought it may be twins. The weird thing is I forced myself to drink a pint of squash and I actually feel better for it! I've been suffering very bad sickness and nausea for weeks. Although it could have been the fresh air that helped.

CookieMonster2 Mon 22-Sep-08 14:03:55

Depends on the machines they have got. With the older ones you do need to drink water before hand, but with newer ones you don't need to, and has other people have said, its better if you have an empty bladder.

lauraloola Mon 22-Sep-08 21:04:16

Congratulations, Im glad it went well x

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