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At 34 weeks pg I thought it would be a good idea to walk for 6 hours yesterday ... with bouts of sitting down on grass with no cushion or anything ... today I am in absolute agony! Feel like I've done permanent damage to my bloody pelvis LET THIS BE A WARNING TO YOU ALL!

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MamaG Sun 21-Sep-08 16:34:40

Every time I turned over in the night, teh pain in my hips/pelvis woke me up shock

Today I feel like I've run a marathon and it hurts to sit down, stand up, lie down...

I haven't walked today, I've done a drunken sailor type roll!

WHY oh WHY didn't I listen when DH said he didn't think we should do it? WHY do I always think I know bloody best?

Ow ow OW !

MamaG Sun 21-Sep-08 16:48:09

oh, it was actually 8 hours

Not that anybody appears to give a shit grin

<starts to limp for attention>

hennaly Sun 21-Sep-08 16:49:52

Hi i m new here but can sypathize big time, i had SPD with my last and at 29 weeks am already suffering this time, i walked round a large carboot this morning and practically crawled back to the car and now can barely move.
Sorry to hear you are suffering too.

pinkteddy Sun 21-Sep-08 16:50:11

6 hours! I could barely walk for half an hour when I was 34 weeks preg - hats off to you! PS: why did you want to walk for 6 hours anyway??

MamaG Sun 21-Sep-08 16:54:19

oh poor you with SPD, I've never had it but I've heard it can be awful

pinkteddy - it seemed like a good idea at the time blush "oh I'm really well! It'll be fine! I've made a picnic" etc

hennaly Sun 21-Sep-08 16:55:37

Half the trouble is it doesnt hurt till after the event so we think we are doing so well and all will be fine, yep shows how bloody silly we are LOL!!

pinkteddy Sun 21-Sep-08 16:58:37

Oh dear. Better take it easy from now on in! Could take a couple of paracetamol if you are brave enough. They will really hit the spot if you haven't taken any for months. I had SPD too so was forced to and dd turned out OK!

MamaG Sun 21-Sep-08 17:00:34

I've rested all day today - only moved my butt in the last hour to make kids dinner and a treacle sponge pudding with custard blush that I needed

Yes, you're right about it only hurting hte next day, just when you thought you were doing so well grin

Oblomov Sun 21-Sep-08 17:17:15

MamaG, you NUTTER grin
8 hrs ? I struggled to walk for 1.5 hrs round Ascot Car Boot today.

Minniethemoocher Sun 21-Sep-08 17:24:46

Poor you! I am walking about 3 miles a day at th moment at 34 weeks pregnant, but not very fast....

ILikeToMoveItMoveIt Sun 21-Sep-08 17:27:59

It always seems like a good idea at the time doesn't it? I also think you can feel a bit pig headed about things when you're pg, ie I'm only pg, not sick!

I hope you feel better tomorrow, if not it might be worth seeing an osteopath.

Oh and get your dh to give your buttocks a really deep tissue massage after a long bath. I used to find it really helped.

Minniethemoocher Sun 21-Sep-08 19:38:45

I would definitely take a couple of paracetamol. I had a terrible cold a few weeks ago and they really made me feel so much better as I hadn't taken them at all while pregnant, so they really hit the spot.

IAteDavinaForDinner Sun 21-Sep-08 19:43:14

FGS you loon, take it easy!

I did heavy work, involving lifting, climbing, twisting etc until around 37 weeks because I was bloody-minded and "it's not an illness".

I now have SPD. Permanently, it seems.

Now go to bed and put a pillow twixt your thighs and eat chocolate.

Ripeberry Sun 21-Sep-08 19:44:19

I did this when pregnant with DD1. Walked for miles and miles along a canal path in Wales as i had SO much energy!
But, like the OP in agony the next day, took me almost a week to recover sad

tassisssss Sun 21-Sep-08 19:45:58

so sorry.

i had pelvis pain in my last 2 pregnancies, not fun.

try baths.

expatinscotland Sun 21-Sep-08 19:48:37

oooowww, MamaG!

i walked on the beach with the girls today for about half an hour and that was enough for me.

this baby is all in front. it's hell on the back and pelvis.

please look after yourself!

Oblomov Sun 21-Sep-08 20:17:58

Expat, how you doing ? How many wks ?
You are all front becasue it is a boy. I am all front too, like i was with ds1.

expatinscotland Sun 21-Sep-08 20:24:44

34 weeks here.

still anaemic, so it looks like i'm going to have to go the CLU in Paisley for the birth.

ach, well.

i'm starting to swell a lot in the lower legs, too.

hoping for another 38 weeker cuz my back hurts a lot!

expatinscotland Sun 21-Sep-08 20:25:13

do you know if yours is another boy, Ob?

how are you keeping with the diabetes and that?

how many weeks?

constancereader Sun 21-Sep-08 20:26:22

I am sorry to hear you are in pain and hope you feel better soon.

But I am bloody jealous you could even contemplate walking that far. I am 38 weeks and my feet and ankles swell up like watermelons as soon as I have been standing up for ten minutes. <<wails in self pitying manner>>

pgwithnumber3 Sun 21-Sep-08 20:31:54

Ohhh, you mad woman! I did that with DD2, my mother said it served me right. hmm I did learn not to push myself when heavily pregnant, maybe you will now as well?! wink

I have a frozen shoulder today, has made life intolerable in this house. All because it is weak after breastfeeding DD1 permanently on that side as a baby. Kids fecking fuck our bodies up. sad

Oblomov Sun 21-Sep-08 21:48:14

nearly 32. Diabetes fine. Very swollen legs & feet tonight. Oh dear.

Honeymoonmummy Mon 22-Sep-08 00:13:46

I know how you feel MamaG, I'm 34 weeks and I've just been diagnosed with SPD and I keep describing it to people as having just done a 10k run. Apparently you need to keep your legs together!! hmm

AbstractMouse Mon 22-Sep-08 00:52:14

OOOOuch you poor thing, it hurts like a bastard. I thought I had spd with my last pg (worked until 30 weeks), but no it was apparently the 12 hour shifts on my feet running about like a loon duh!

The day after a shift I sometimes had to crawl to the toilet and sidle about like a crab lol. The turning over in bed thing remained when I gave up but the rest miraculously disapearred hmm funnily enough.

Take it slow and easy, your pelvis will thank you.

Alexa808 Mon 22-Sep-08 03:19:19

MamaG: you poor bunny. 8h, you gotta be kidding! [stern look]

I wouldn't have the energy. 2 more weeks to go, but I think I might go in earlier. Have been feeling sickie since yesterday, with cramping and severe pain in pubic area. Had to lie down, had such pains in my back.

Think I had a show. So nervous.

Honey: I should have kept my legs together 38 weeks ago grin

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