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Parvovirus-just got my results back

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wellbalanced Sat 20-Sep-08 21:07:26

I was in contact with parvo at 7 wk had my bloods taken and my results have just come back that i am NOT immunune, so i have another blood test booked to see if i have been infected then take it from there.
Anyone else had this? Outcome?

malloo Sat 20-Sep-08 22:01:24

Yes, same thing although in contact with it earlier on (4-5 weeks). Second blood test fine, they also looked for fluid on the baby's neck at the 12 week scan but all OK, 17 weeks now and seems that if they've not picked anything up yet, there's nothing to worry about. Hope you get the same result, good luck.

mully Mon 22-Sep-08 20:06:30

hi yes i had slapped cheek when i was 5 weeks pregnant and it went on till i was 8 and a half weeks they checked my first bloods and it showed that i had a parvo they took second which showed that i had it, i had scan 2 weeks ago to reasure me and baby was fine had a 12 week scan last week and showed there was 2, i have a scan booked for thursday which is just because of the twins but to also sort out my fetel med and i have another scan the week after he told me the babys were the right size which is positive because the virus can stop the growth for a week or two i will now have scans every other week to make sure they are ok until i am 28 weeks, you have to go on to think of it as a normal pregnacy because youll just end up a bag of neves, worse case is blood transfusion in the womb if they catch it in time. unfortunatly the virus causes late miscrraige (sorry about the spelling) if you need any more info just ask

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