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screening test results

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doodleduck Sat 20-Sep-08 10:36:41

Hi everyone
due end of March 2009 -
Had nuchal+blood test yesterday. Translucency was fine and the baby has a nasal bone, but my blood was the wrong way round and the scan also detected tricuspid regurgitation.
In the end with my age (35) it put my risk at 1/33.
This is my first and I'm really worried. The baby was very active. I was advised to have fetal cardiac scan at 20 weeks and told about CVS/Amnio ...
The heart thing worries me although the doctor did say that it can happen in normal pregnancies as well.
Has anyone has that combination @ 12+5 where blood/regurgitation are wrong but the rest fine?
CVS/Amnio seem to have a 1/100 risk of miscarriage which is lower than DS risk I've been given so ...
Any advice?

Kat172 Sat 20-Sep-08 11:32:56

Im sorry hunny but no advie just wanted to say hope verything is fine, xxx

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