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scan photos

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Hughsie Mon 17-Feb-03 10:03:18

I was wondering if anyone knew about how to preserve scan photos. I have several from ds1 and despite keeping them in a dark place - they do seem to be fading. I've heard stories about not exposing them or photocopying them so was wondering if there is a way to keep them in good condition. Obviously with modern technology you can scan them into a pc but what about the originals - I would love to display them but dont want to damage them further.

Any ideas?

GeorginaA Mon 17-Feb-03 10:38:40

None practical I'm afraid - we scanned ours into the PC as soon as we had them and then kept the originals in an envelope out of the light. At least we'll always see what they look like, but that doesn't really help with preserving the originals.

SoupDragon Mon 17-Feb-03 11:54:58

We scanned ours onto the PC too. The originals are in DSs' baby books in envelopes. I think they'll fade anyway over time.

Have a look in the back of baby magazines -I'm sure I've seen an advert for somewhere that "laminates" them in some way. DO NOT laminate them yourself as the heat destroys the picture!!!

star Mon 17-Feb-03 12:39:50

The best way is to scan them digitally.There are special acid free paper and plastics to keep them in for preservation but all photos have different properties so you must use the right ones.All photographic images will fade over time,the only way to slow it down is to keep them cold,in the fridge.

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