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weak cervix

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neaneah Thu 18-Sep-08 20:00:10

I want to get the message out to woman that may not know about this. I learned only after it was to late. I lost my son 3 weeks ago I was 21week6day. I never felt any pain or had any bleeding I just woke up and felt something was not right an hour later my son was born. I was told my cervix had opened with out my knowing. I have two other children with no problems and had my cervix checked at 15weeks and it looked fine. I know now that at 20weeks or so the weight of the baby can make your cervix thin. You will feel nothing. Anyone that has had this happen needs to get a stitch if you become pregnate again. If only I had known I would of had my cervix checked more often in my 5th month.

BBBee Thu 18-Sep-08 20:05:07

hi neah neah

i am so sorry this happened to you - it is quite rare.

it happened to me too. i lost a son at 20 weeks. i know how awful you must feeling - it is a horrid awful thing.

i don;t know if it is any consolation but i had a stitch with the subsequent pregnancies and it was successful and I now have a son and a daughter.

best wishes to you

WorzselMummage Thu 18-Sep-08 20:06:15

I am really sorry for your loss, it must be awfull to lose a baby so late in pregnancy.

I am like to have a stitch during this pregnancy because i've had 3 hefty leeps and a premature daughter.

neaneah Thu 18-Sep-08 20:26:39

Thank you I just wish the book my doctor gave me would of mentioned weak cervix. I only found out about it after looking it up on the internet. To late to save my son he was so perfect just needed a few more weeks to grow. I just keep looking at his picture and feet prints over and over. I want to try right away for another baby but most people say it's to soon. They just dont understand how empty my stomic feels now. He had just started moving and kicking a lot.

LadyMuck Thu 18-Sep-08 20:29:32

I'm so sorry for your loss. The problem with weak cervixes is that generally there are no warning sgins, and with 2 previous pgs you wouldn't have been considered to be at risk. Do take care of yourself at what must be such an awful time.

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