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Baby observation request

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Praminthehall Wed 17-Sep-08 22:54:25


I'm a SE London-living mum about to begin the first part of a training within the NHS as a child psychotherapist. One of the compulsory modules is infant observation, where as students we are asked to observe a baby from soon after birth to approx 18 months of age. The idea is that this close observation will give us a very real handle on how a baby's personality and emotions emerge and develop within the context of the family. Observations take place in the family's home and are weekly, for an hour, at a time to suit all involved.

I am looking in earnest for a mum who is expecting a baby any time from now - perhaps mid November, who may be interested in participating. (The course begins in early October).

Might you, or someone you know beyond MN, be interested? I would love to hear from you if so - you can contact me via the CAT facility.

I live in Brockley, SE4, and ideally am looking for a family who live fairly nearby. The baby doesn't have to be a firstborn, by the way.

I have an enhanced disclosure CRB check done, and have run this request past Justine.

Many thanks for reading

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