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Fetal Dopplers - Any good?

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AAL Wed 17-Sep-08 19:53:28

I am a paranoid pregnant, 8 weeks with 2nd child having lost at 12 wks last time. My midwife is sh*te and refusing to offer me anything until my 12 week scan, which is when I found out had mc last time. Thinking of buying a listening device, and wondered how soon I could hear heartbeat, and if they are any good, or more of a gimmick?

MadamAnt Wed 17-Sep-08 19:58:57

I did, and I absolutely loved it. I could hear the HB from 9 weeks with both pregnancies, and I used it regularly (once every couple of days) unti; movements became regular. I also used it a bit towards the end as well, when movements quietened down.

My only caveat would be for you to try not to get freaked if you can't find the HB easily in the early days. I had a couple of times where I spent about half an hour desperately searching for it. Overall the reassurance far outweighed the worry.

I did have to pretend to be more excited when the midwife listened in though (I hadn't told her that I'd already heard it many many time grin)

WorzselMummage Wed 17-Sep-08 20:09:02

I love mine, i hired one from AnaWiz and first heard the HB at 10 weeks.

After 3 miscarriages its been a complete godsend.

Pheebe Wed 17-Sep-08 20:11:40

Me too, I had one and used it daily for the first weeks of both my full term pregnancies after many many mcs. It can be difficult to find at first, the trick is to sit the probe right on the 'lip' of your pubic bone, lie flat on your back and imagine the probe is a torch. move it around in small circles. you'll know the heartbeat cos its a real fast tictictic, much faster than your own pulse.

It is very easy to get addicted and dependent on hearing it though and I had many occasions when I couldn't find them and paniced. best then to leave it a few hours and try again later. even at the bean stage they move round lots.

I know many people on here don't hold with them. i think you have to do whatever is going to get you through those first few weeks. For me it was a godsend though.

AAL Wed 17-Sep-08 20:54:23

Thankyou. DP all negative about it, but I think I just might have to get one, as it's me who won't sleep for worrying for the next few months.

Millie26 Thu 18-Sep-08 09:36:58

I got an Angelsounds one off Ebay, about £30 and came the next day.

The first day I couldnt hear anything and I panicked but the next day I picked it up (at 11wks) really really low down on my bikini line - the heartbeat is really fast so you know it's not yours.

Now I can find it quite quickly but I have only used it three or four times as I'm not sure how safe they are so I wouldnt go mad with it!

It VERY reassuring though... Once you get past 12 weeks you'll feel SO much better. And you will!!

ChocOrange05 Thu 18-Sep-08 10:02:50

Hi AAL - I was also really worried in the first 12 weeks so I bought a doppler at week 10 (also from AnaWiz) as the website said you could hear things from week 10 onwards. However when we got it we couldn't find the heartbeat despite trying every couple of days - and when I reread the packaging they didn't recommend using it till 12 weeks+. After the 12 week scan I didn't try again until 13+3 when we found it quite easily and between 13 - 21 weeks when movements started I used it once a week or so and it was really nice for reassurance and to bond with the baby. Since 21 weeks I only use it every few weeks just to say hi to my bump!

In conclusion, based on my experience, its a really nice thing to have but for us it didn't help with reassurance before the 12 week scan.

Just wanted to share my experience with you... and good luck with your pregnancy! smile

emma2617 Fri 19-Sep-08 22:13:14

Completely agrre with choc I bought mine at 9 weeks but have only just managed to find heart beat tonight...and I will be 16 weeks tomorrow! It is an AMAZING thing, but I wouldn't count on it to reassure before 12 week scan, might stress you out more if you can't find it.

Funbags Sun 21-Sep-08 15:05:09

I'd be very careful - it could make you feel worse. with my DD HB could not be picked up on hospital doppler at 16+ (they scanned me there and then and it was fine) not all babies are in the right position to hear it so early on, so you could end up wasting your money as by the time you can pick it up the baby will have started to move about a bit anyway. If the 'cant find HB thing' had happended at home I would have been freaking out.

Such a shame the MW wont sort an early scan, is there any chance of seeing anyone else or getting your GP to refer you instead - just tell them how its driving you mad and hopefully they'll oblige. The EPC where I live were quite good when I had MC - they gave me their no so i could call them next time if I was worried, and scanned me at 6.5 wks and 9 wks. If all else fails phone them direct - they might say no, but then again they might not. Best of luck, hope it all goes well.

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