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rash on my arm - itchy and sore - do I need to see a doctor?

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kookiegoddess Wed 17-Sep-08 18:31:12

AARGH I have cholestasis and have been itchy from that, woke up with a rash on my arm today that is itchy and sore - an area of little red raised bumps some slightly scabbed over (sorry if TMI).

I'm being induced on Friday AM and have seemingly been in and out of hospital/GP clinic - do I really need to go to the doc about this? Have been on Ursofalk and Vit k and started taking EPO a couple of days ago. No previous reaction to Urso and K, so could be related to EPO??

Ugh just am so fed up and not in the mood to sit in a waiting room for hours again and just trying to get thru these last few days. Am I putting self/baby in danger by waiting till I'm at the hospital on Friday to ask about it?

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