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Work/VDUs and feeling really tearful

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LoveActually Wed 17-Sep-08 17:18:31

The three are not connected, Well the first two are! I'm self employed and have spent much of my pg so far working in an office in front of a computer, sometimes 8/9 hours. Firstly I'm worried about this, I know some studies have been done, not sure what latest findings are.
Also I'm working - what feels like - my butt off here and I don't know if its my hormones but my boss made me feel really awful earlier. I was told off for looking at maternity clothes on the internet, which I was really upset about. It was after 5pm and we were all chatting in the office and I pointed out some clothes (we get into work at 8.30am or earlier). I'm an experienced writer and feel like I'm not in a state to defend myself, feel really vulnerable. Is this because I'm pathetic or because I'm pregnant. Does anyone else feel like their guard is down at the mo.
My 'boss' is also a friend by the way. She told me she's not 'paying me a lot of money' to look at websites!

Hux Wed 17-Sep-08 17:33:44

I suspect she is paying you for a 40 hour week though and i'm sure you do a hell of a lot more... tell her to poke off.

I am deffo more sensitive but i'm also not taking as much shit as i used to! I don't know you but if you think this is unusual for you i'm sure it's the hormones!

MsG Wed 17-Sep-08 17:35:22

Hi LoveActually,

Congrats on your pregnancy! Am TTC at the mo - not sure why I've wandered into the Pregnancy rooms but anyway...!

I think you're vulnerable because you're pregnant - you're not pathetic at all. A misplaced remark can be upsetting at any time. Try to see it as less important... Perhaps your boss/friend is under stress at work, or perhaps she is envious of your pregnancy and finding it hard to cope with. Or she may have simply been making a joke because you're friends. If you are really worried about it, I'd ask for a quiet word with her and discuss it.

About computers, I'm not sure about the studies myself. I wouldn't go crazy trying to research it online but perhaps speak to a doctor or midwife about it? I'm sure many women use computers all day long throughout pregnancy with no problems... But I can imagine it being a worry.

Do take care of yourself and make sure you are having regular breaks away from the screen and if you're finding work difficult, speak to your boss about that. xx

devonblue Wed 17-Sep-08 17:40:48

I think the only possible concerns were about old fashioned tv style monitors. If you've got one of them they are still ok I believe if you sit at arms length from them, and actually probably fine even up close. HTH

devonblue Wed 17-Sep-08 17:42:28

PS. To clarify, lcd screens are not the ones that the research was about.

NorthernLurker Wed 17-Sep-08 17:42:50

I worked with vdus throughout my last two pregnancies and all the advice I ever saw was that there was no risk. You need to make sure you get up and walk around, take breaks from the screen but all workers should do that not just the pregnant ones. Regarding the internet - if you were still 'at work' when your boss came in then you shouldn't have been surfing and you'll just have to suck it up. If you had finished work and was chatting with your colleagues who had also finished work - then your boss is being unreasonable. It is normal to feel vulnerable at this stage and your sense of proportion goes out of the window too. This is why you should never have a radical haircut when pregnant. Believe me - it won't look good!! grin

devonblue Wed 17-Sep-08 17:44:54

PSS. I think you are eligable for soem kind of workplace assessment to make sure your workstation is suitable for your needs now you are pregnant. Of more concern than possible radiation from a screen is the fact that you need a good chair and so on...

LoveActually Wed 17-Sep-08 19:22:42

Now I'm not at work I'm feeling calmer. I think the thing is I'm supposed to work an 8 hour day (lunch included) and because I get a life there and with my boss I have to leave when she does which means by 5pm I have been getting knackered (hence the surfing). My friend is lovely but she's quite tough and she is under pressure, so I guess that might explain her behaviour.
I think if I hadn't been pregnant i would have made more an issue out of it. Am at home now and OH has calmed me down by cooking me dinner and doing the cleaning/washing while I was at work. I know she has to do everything so I could say I've got nothing to worry about.
Ms G good luck by the way.
I think you are all right and I probably should take more screen breaks - rather than surfing!! xxx

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