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leeft Wed 17-Sep-08 15:48:26

Hi everyone,
Im a first timer, i actually just joined this site a couple minites ago.
I have a very big problem, this is my first time being pregnant. Im supposed to be app. 6 wks pregnant and yesterday morning i saw some blood which got me scared and depressed. later on that day i began to bleed heavly alot like my period with a lot of severe cramps.I visited a doctor later that evening he told me take another test this weekend.I also did an ultrasound but it showed that there was not pregnant. I guess it will be to early to detect right?
Today as i speak i'm still bleeding heavely with slight pains.
am i having a Miscarraige?

FlirtyThirty Wed 17-Sep-08 15:56:47

Dear Leeft - I'm so sorry for you. To be honest, it doesn't sound very hopeful...if the blood is red and you are having period like cramping it is very poosible that you are miscarrying. There are people who bleed in pregnancy though, but I don't want to give you false hope.
If they gave you an ultrasound - did they not advise you there and then?
I hope that you have someone to look after you...

Flirty x

brettgirl2 Wed 17-Sep-08 17:46:47

How horrible for you. I had bleeding at 5+5 and had a scan - they could see something. It is possible that you are not as far gone as you think though? My bleeding has been very light, although I have had some cramps throughout but not as bad as period pains. I know how scary it is though - GP was fairly convinced that I was going to miscarry and I was really frightened (((())))

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