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Calculating due date confusion!

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broodymom Wed 17-Sep-08 13:52:07

Right where do i start! hmm

My LMP was 22nd june. Thats deff the first day of my cycle that lasted 4 days, i deff know this as i have been charting my cycles they vary from 30-39day cycles.

So when i saw the mw i told her she worked out i was 10+1 (at the time) and i was to go for scan at 11+1 so went for scan after lots of confusion the baby actually measures 8+3 and tell me everything is great blah blah i just got my dates wrong.

Hear is the thing i deff did not get my dates wrong that was the first day of my lmp so now i have worked out i will be due 18th April instead of 29 march is that right?? i'm beginning to wonder! my next scan is 7th Oct so i will ask then. Any thoughts on this would be appreciated. x Thanks

TheHedgeWitch Wed 17-Sep-08 16:57:20

Message withdrawn

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