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Bleed at 30 weeks

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MrsMattie Wed 17-Sep-08 00:16:15

Hi all

I'm 30 wks pregnant and have had a small bleed today. Just went to the toilet and noticed a patch of dried blood. I have a mild UTI at the moment, plus a really huge Bartholin's cyst (great!), so could be either of these causing it, but am still really worried sad. Going to A&E first thing tomorrow, but just wondered if anyone else had had a bleed at this stage? Dunno why - just find it reassuring to blab on the net to you all and get some reassurance, maybe! smile

Ta x

geminigirl Wed 17-Sep-08 00:45:36

Did you get checked out today after the bleed? If so and all was ok then this would just be old blood staining. If you haven't there could be any number of causes. Were you ever told that you had an erosion on your cervix? Were you doing the 'business' (ahem!) in the last 24 hours? Sometimes your cervix can bleed a bit after intercourse.

Were you ever told that your placenta was low? Have you any pain in your tummy or is your uterus feeling very hard? Is baby moving ok? You should maybe just phone your maternity dept and ask for advice and reassurance.

MrsMattie Wed 17-Sep-08 15:55:16

Hi geminigirl. Thanks for your reply. I've been at the hospital all day having tests and they can't find a cause for it. I had a scan and everything is fine with the baby, so I feel reassured. xx

kraftwerkkittie Wed 17-Sep-08 22:23:43

glad that the babby's ok, mrsmattie. chin up while they figure out what's going on x

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